Sorry but almost all email I see is sent in the clear.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 6/20/12 9:43 PM

In Reply to: Avast emails me my password! by Sukki007 covers another issue that is amazing to some.

"After 180 days in the U.S., email messages lose their status as a protected communication under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and become just another database record.[7] This means that a subpoena instead of a warrant is all that is needed for a government agency to force email providers such as Google's Gmail to produce a copy.[7] Other countries may even lack this basic protection, and Google's databases are distributed all over the world. Since the Patriot Act was passed, it's unclear whether this ECPA protection is worth much anymore in the U.S., or whether it even applies to email that originates from non-citizens in other countries."

And even if someone tells you it's encrypted, the from, to and other fields are not encrypted because those are needed for the current email system to work.