I found your answer mate.

I had the same idea as you & found your question so frustrated with everyone's response i did it myself & have figured out your problem. Regaurdless what Digital TV it all comes down to video format set too your countries regional code which is either PAL or NTSC & you have to encode your video's in this format. I just down loaded An Converter & converted my video into Mpeg Pal (because I am in Australia all our TVs & Video is in PAL) there is an option for Mpeg NTSC. I then just loaded the converted video onto my USB stick & inserted into the Digital TV's USB slot & went too my Aplications menu & selected the video of my USB stick. i tried to convert the video into plain AVI as well as FLV & both would not play on my TV I am sure it has to do with Regional Coding. Hope this helped