AcomData Ondango

by Broomba7x2 - 6/14/12 7:27 PM

In Reply to: I couldn't find by MarkFlax Moderator

I'm not sure if it a 160 or 060. The Model Number in the little book that comes with it reads SHDxxxFAPE-54. So, it might be 060 you replace the xxx's with. But, I figured you replace it with how many GB's it holds. That would also make sense of why I couldn't find the Software. But, if I plug it into the Computer, it just does nothing. The blue light on the Device comes on, but nothing on the Computer. I even tried going though 'My Computer' and 'Manage My Computer'. But, I can't find it anywhere on the Computer. I have even tried it on two other Computers, a Laptop, and a Mac. Still no luck. The only thing I can think of, is since the AcomData Site is closed, it can't find the Software to download. And, I wasn't exactly sure where to post it to be honest. This is the first time I have been on this Site.