a year latter and I found myself in the same boat

by The Yoder - 6/11/12 5:24 PM

In Reply to: Re: Mp3nity IS Free by peterbutler CNET staff

I saw nowhere that this was a trial. My version was 2.2 something and again it is listed as free, 30 days latter however your full feature trial is over and the program loses most of it's charm. LittleLan if you are still listening in hear this: I, like the poster above, liked the fully functioning program, enough that I would have paid 19.95 for the program. Notice "would have" in the sentence, if it was not there you would have gotten a sale. Why are those two words coming between you and getting paid you might ask...because you're not upfront about the trail nature of the program you offer for download on this sight. I agree with the above assessments that this is indeed a trail version the way it is set up in the latest version I downloaded. It starts out with features that go away ,,, trail version. I see where you are trying to weasel out of being misleading then (may 2011) as you seem to be now. As a consumer (you know - the people that give you money if you do things right) a business being misleading sends up the warning flag for me. It makes me wonder what else they are willing to mislead me about to get their foot in the proverbial door or their hands on my credit card information. You may be a perfectly reputable company but it is not worth the risk to me to find out (not in this day and age).
I would suggest to you that you be upfront on this site. When you upload future versions of this program ask that it be listed under free to try instead of free. You have a pretty solid program (it is a little buggy on XP so it may not be TDShrw's Win7 64-bit that is the issue) one that many will buy that are picky about their tags IF you gain their trust.

Sorry about the rant CNet team, could you please get the descriptions for this fixed again, I can see you have taken steps in the past and listening to your users is very much appreciated.