Re: merging numbers

by Kees_B Moderator - 6/8/12 7:51 AM

In Reply to: Numbers don't merge right in Word 2010 by ll4u76

Seems quite correct.

The number is 111111. Only it's formatted on the screen in Excel as a currency value with 2 decimals. You could also format it as a date. Then it would become 3/17/2204 or 17-3-04 or whatever format you choose.

The two options you have, in general:
1. Define the formatting you wish in the definition of the merge-field and do a numeric merge.
2. Define a text field in Excel, that you fill with the number converted to the right format (use the format-function) and do a text-field merge.

The second method has never failed me. I've never used the first method because I didn't understand how to define formatting in a merge field, and my results already were exactly as I wished.