You should know what games to play...

The short and clear answer is, Yes. Yes, some games are too violent. But that's the point: it's only SOME games!

I am a heavy gaming enthusiast and played and completed to 100% many games-meticulously, with every achievement. But even I have encountered a bunch of games which I have not played (after watching a friend play it), or dropped it after an hour's gameplay, for the simple reason that the violence was unreasonable and unjustifiable. Not all FPS games are overtly violent-Max Payne series for example, has a cool story. COD has a clearly defined war background story. You can't expect a war-oriented game without gunning down men, and so it is justified.

But that's where it ends. I have a younger brother, 15 now. I didn't let him ever touch a GTA label. I made him play DotA, Need For Speed, Age of Empires, et al on LAN with me. When he turned 14 I showed him why I didn't let him play GTA-it shows a common guy to just go around the city, butchering people, killing neighbours, using drugs, and what not. Same goes for the blood curdling violence and mindless glorification of blood fountains that Molly points out-they are simply not justified. Whatever be the plot, you simply CANNOT let people have the twisted satisfaction of virtually killing a human being, and seeing his brains blow at point blank range.

I have played Counter Strike for countless number of nights with my friends, and have thousands of kills in Battlefield and Call of Duty titles. But have I been numbed to death, murder, and the grievous sin it is to kill (because of the games)? No. These games have melee knife kills too. But these games have the decency to have a background situation, which any non-psychopath knows is not going to replicate itself in real life. And if you DO find yourself in an enemy base tied to a chair, well I would advise you to grab a gun too!

I swore before I started writing this that I wont use names, but I think I have. So let me write this-if there is any reader who has played the Mass Effect franchise, or the Crysis games, he/she will connect with my point. All violence is not vile-only till it is backed by a justifiable, reasonable storyline and situations.

Prime time TV news and weekly shows display murder and rape as a daily eyeball-grabbing plot. Your only tool is to self-educate. The bottom line-please research what you are buying before you buy. Finally, if you buy your kid "Prototype", which nearly screwed up my mouse in 30 mins of gameplay with mindless clicking, as someone already noted, violence in games is not in the top 10 of your list problems, my friend.