Yes let's be honest!

by dmsprague - 6/6/12 7:37 PM

In Reply to: Violent games for a puritanical society. by humorguy

Humorguy I have to agree to a point with your puritanical analysis. We Americans remain plagued by spirits of purity and self-righteousness since the Salem Witch Trials. But the real point is the social effect violent games have on a significant segment of our youth.

Come with me to the Courthouse any given day and watch a juvenile docket. Time and time again we attorneys and judges see kids from broken homes and dysfunctional families who have been left to their own with little more than an Xbox to occupy their time. Crimes alleged may be petty level at first but all carry a similar undercurrent of disrespect for others and senses of powerlessness. Needs to act out and prove value in the only ways they seem to know become more violent as ages increase. Maturity levels though seem frozen in an undefined culture centered around taunting, destructive activities fed by totally uncaring families, drugs and self hatred. Violence acted out in real life just as acted out in the mythical world become real to these kids.

In case you might think I live in Harlem or East LA you should know my town is barely 15,000 souls, dead center in Kansas, free from organized gangs and touting a strong economic base with perhaps more organized churches per capita than any other area. Yet with all the advantages we have where "it takes a village to raise a child", violence and video gaming hits home. We who deal with it see it practically every day in a place where such things shouldn't be! Violence of any nature is a supporting role in defining a juvenile's character, and when coupled with societal failures, the results become our Court docket.

I am among the very first to speak out for First Amendment free speech rights, but gaming violence has surreptitiously passed the prohibition against yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater. Molly Wood is absolutely correct; a trip to her local Courthouse would, I strongly suspect, only strengthen her determination to chastise this greedy industry preying upon many who cannot resist its shallow enticements.