I voted yes

I am old (by my kids standards) at 46 I am positively ancient.
I voted yes. I try hard to not let my kids see or play violent games or watch cr*p tv or nasty movies that depict real life events .(dont misunderstand me there or pick holes in that last statement, I am meaning movies and tv shows that have murder and violence and s*x in them as though they are everyday ocurrences and that they are ok to do take part in and see on a daily basis.) Fantasy and sci fi are exactly that and the children are getting to know the difference between what is real and what is a storyline. That is not to say we would let them watch say, Ghost rider or the Chronicles of Riddick, but, LOTR is ok because they are able to read the books.

That said There is a huge shortage of pc/ds/ps2-3 games that are family orientated games that dont dumb down the player to the level of a 3 year old. My 5 y/o is currently playing Strawberry shortcake, my 8 y/o loves Club Penguin and my 7 year old prefers to use my pc for drawing and art rage but loves Harry Potter.
I would LOVE to see games like some of the stuff on facebook (Farmville, bubble poppers, fairyland, bejewelled and the newer hidden mystery type games on pc and ps games for kids without dumbing down to Dora and the likes for older children and even for older kids into adult hood!
Not every adult likes blood and guts and car racing games ending in the same plastered across the pc/tv screens. I certainly dont. My husband loves all that stuff and I asked him why? he said there was nothing else out there which was exciting and a challenge for him and that says it all.We need a game developers to get their heads out of the gutter press and gang led soap operas in drug dens and start thinking a bit more intellectually.. or is that beyond them..? are all game devs tetosterone fuelled teenage boys with nowt better to do than try and out bid their mates with the next stage in graphic gore? really boys, grow up. I know in this day and age of rampant consumerism must have this that and everything else s*x sells, and so do drugs and fast games with the most realistic war game gore that they can come up with but actually, not all game players are spotty boys and frankly, its sexist and alienating that females get left out of the gaming world just because most (not all) dont want the gore or the pixel babe with the size 0 attributes plastered across our screens.
I loved Lara Croft when I was younger, and Civ 2/4, spyro and rayman, and I loved Colin McCraes Rally game, but since the late 90s, the gaming world has very little non violence in it and if the industry wants my kids to play games, then it has to get through me first and right now, there is very little I want to waste my money on for my kids.