Shoot-em-up Western Movies

I started watching movies around 1940, age five. People were killed but not all that violently, and not at all "graphically" ("graphic" - euphemism for sensational blood spurts and gore). It seems that, ever since "The Wild Bunch," (for me, age 30+) a milestone of sorts for on-screen depiction of violence, movie makers have tried to outdo themselves in showing human bodies being violently ripped to shreds in ever more "juicy" bloody detail.

I am not a pacifist, in fact I believe strongly in survival of the fittest, to the extent that I think that "some people just need killin'." But there is a need for moderating the exposure of children to violence. Ideally the parents of the children involved should be the arbiter of this, but IMHO today's adults/parents lack good judgement in determining what is best for their children. I am also strongly against the government or other third parties making decisions for these under-educated or poorly-educated parents. Let survival of the fittest rule; natural selection by letting the unwise, unfit individuals kill themselves off.

How does this relate to video games? Just like any other type of game, some individuals will just naturally die through accident - accident of poor health, physical weakness, poor coordination, or simple bad judgement. People die eventually, some just die sooner than others. It is all part of the Game of Life.