My son said it best

My son, now 19 years old, loves first person shooter games. When "Grand Theft Auto" came out years ago, I refused to let him play it. I objected to the idea of the game (less so, the violence). My son said to me "Mom, I know it's just a game. It's not like I'M going to go out and kill anyone!" That made sense, but I still didn't like what the game was "teaching". Now that he's older, I don't care what he plays. He's not going to go out and kill anyone, and objects to unnecessary violence in the real world. Still, I don't think that all the graphic blood and gore is necessary either in video games or in movies. In fact, even my kids have said that the scariest movies are rarely the ones with the most gore. They are the ones with the most tension. Because children don't really understand the finality of death, the violent games are just "fun". I object on principal, and will always object, to the portrayal of graphic violence without the accompanying repercussions. I don't like what they teach kids, and I just don't see the point.