I'm not asking for more violence

I think the bigger issue is whether or not parents are taken a proactive role in what their kids are playing on video game consoles. I am 43 years old and love playing first person shooting games that are strategic in nature; games like COD's domination or Battlefield 3's Conquest; games that require teamwork and coordination. And sure, there is violence in these games - the kind that you would expect on a battle field, not the gratuitous, over the top unnecessary kind of violence. I am a big boy and can rightly handle exposure to this kind of violence and I certainly don't need any more regulations on video games to help me figure that out. The bigger issue though: My family is a video game family; all my children play video games, (15 year old boy, 13 year old girl, 11 year old girl and 8 year old boy). It's MY responsiblilty to make sure they are not exposed to graphic subject matter of any kind before they are old enough to rightly digest and discern it without any adverse affect on their conscience or psyche. It's parent's job, not the government's - to monitor all the video game activities in a household and to set the proper boundaries and parameters. That's why my 8 year old plays nintendo ds games, my 11 year old plays minecraft, my 13 year old plays warcraft and my oldest is allowed to play COD and BF3.