Violent games for a puritanical society.

Let's be honest. It's not about violent games. It's about puritanical societies in the US (where I lived for 12 years) and
the UK (where I was born.

They say our two countries have a special relationship and in this we do.

Our puritanical countries are offering very violent games to repressed gamers. This is what's dangerous.

Let me explain: Have you ever seen a murder on TV in the early (pre 9pm) market? Did it garner any news? Of
course not.

Now let''s take that murder out and put in it's place a beast feeding woman. Now what sort of complaints would there be? And how much news would be created. Exactly.

Where you have puritanical societies, you get higher crime, more drug use, more rape and more family
violence. The U.S. is No.1 in the world in these statistics - the UK is No.1 in Europe.

Conversely, Scandinavian countries are much more relaxed and mature about the human body and natural
sexual events, they also have very intelligent, rather than banal, murder mysteries. In survey after survey, these
countries have the lowest crime rates, the least rapes and the happiest citizens in Europe. There is a lesson to learn there.

So it's not just about violent games, it's about the repressed by society gamers that play them. This is what both the U.S. and U.K. need to think about if they're going to deal with the violent crime in their societies.