Given the information..

by Carol~ Moderator - 6/4/12 4:48 PM

In Reply to: ie8 blocking AOL by anon125

Given the lack of details and information in your post, it makes it difficult to offer the kind of help, which might rectify the situation.

You say AOL is 'blocked'. What do you mean by blocked? What happens when you try to access AOL? Does the page start to load?

You indicated you "don't want to try Chrome, etc". Does that mean you don't want to use another browser, in order to rule out (or in) a problem with IE8? As opposed to a problem elsewhere on your system?

>>even if i go to google and put in AOL i get a list of sites but clicking on them does not work.<<

Are ALL the sites Google offers AOL sites? When I enter AOL into Google's search field, as you indicated above, it yields many different sites. All of which are not "". Perhaps, you could explain it in a different way. I'm having a problem understanding what you mean.

It would also help to know if you're receiving any error messages when "IE8 blocks AOL". For example, some receive an error message similar to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". If that were the case, I would suggest reviewing the following article:

I can think of a list of things to try, but it would certainly help narrow things down, if we had a bit more information.

Help us.. help you.