belated help

by DariusLemon - 6/4/12 8:11 AM

In Reply to: Employee/Time/Project tracking software by Omega1501

I'm not entirely sure if I understood what you need exactly, but I can tell you what I'm using, and they you can decide whether it suits your needs or not. I'm working with remote employees who each have My Team Monitor installed on their computers. They switch the program on when they start working and off when they finished their shifts, and I can see this in my interface in a time chart. While the program is turned on, it sends me screenshots of each of their screens every 5 minutes, and it logs the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks they made, so I can compare the screenshots with the time chart and see how much work goes into each task and project. It has lots of benefits depending on what you want to monitor. You can register an account for free and your employees will be able to download the software, also for free, from