Re: scanner

by Kees_B Moderator - 6/1/12 1:23 AM

In Reply to: Neat Scanner, does it Recognise £ (GDP) by Thierrymalee

Scanners scan whatever they see, even Chinese, and they produce a bit map. Most come with software that makes a jpg. Some come with software that makes a pdf. Some even come with character recognition software that makes a good attempt at producing an editable Word document.

The difference between a pound sign and a dollar sign only is relevant when you use the character recognition (OCR) software and how it interacts with the fonts and keyboard definitions you installed. On my US keyboard on a PC with Windows-1252 character set I have to type alt-0-1-6-3 to see the pound sign, while I think your UK keyboard uses shift-3 (where I have a #, or possibly shift-4, where I have the $).
While I don't expect the usual software that comes with a scanner to be able to produce a document editable in Unicode (including Arabic and Chinese characters), I don't really expect issues with characters in the Windows-1252 set, even when you buy it in another country.
But be sure it works on 230 V if you buy it in the US.