I, too, use it as a tool.

by DarKiska - 5/30/12 11:53 PM

In Reply to: Facebook is just a tool!! by AmeedEl-Ghoul

I do (volunteer) political work online and use Facebook mostly as a tool to get links out to be passed on. I do check on the younger family members, too, from time to time. Although, I want to get a tablet, right now my only mobile device is my smartphone (which is faster than my computer). I do major FB things using the computer, but I have FB set to send me an email when I get a response to a post, and then I have my phone set to notify me when an email comes in. I like to respond quickly, so this works for me. I don't like the FB app so much, but I work with what is there.

As far as privacy goes... I have none. As soon as I registered for various political things, everything about me was on the internet.