Facebook has been a valuable part of my life

I will use my smartphone on occasion to upload a picture to Facebook but I much prefer the computer when I am interacting with friends.

Already on this thread there are examples of some misconceptions about Facebook. Addressing some misconceptions (from an earlier post), you do not have to post status updates any more than you feel like it. You do not have to play games. You do not have to become 'friends' with people who aren't really friends. You do not have to sit in front of a computer all day watching timeline. You can control how much of your own information is available to the outside world.

I can understand some people not wanting to bother with Facebook. My wife doesn't. But with a music career spanning 5 decades I have acquired a lot of friends from around the country. Facebook has enabled me to keep in touch with these friends in a unique way. Facebook groups make it possible to interact with colleagues in my profession. A recent group I joined grew to over 500 members in less than a month and we have had some very valuable discussions through this group. Facebook is a tool which you can use as you see fit. If it goes under it will be missed.