FTP too slow

by bennygill - 5/28/12 1:14 PM

In Reply to: I never quite understood by MarkFlax Moderator

Not sure why my other reply isn't appearing so I'll repost here too...<span>

<span>Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I use FTP (filezilla) it downloads at about 10-15 kb/s. This may be because I'm manily using bad connections at shared wifi places while I travel (hostels, internet cafes, etc).

<span>When I use a download manager it simultaneously opens up multiple downloads for the one file and downloads them all at once. So I typically get speeds of 80-90 kb/s using a download manager which is faster.

That why I'm using a download manager.

Any ideas on know how to find the URL path for files on a windows server so I can download with the download manager?