by honeybun4113285 - 5/28/12 7:13 AM

In Reply to: Avast self-defense module by travis41

Thank you so much Travis41,I will do as you suggest,you truly are a blessing...
Do youhelp with Windows Live Mail,and are you able to help in this area,or point me to the best forum for that,how about VLC player???Wow you have opened a can of woms with "greedy" me!!!! I use Win-7,WLM.Take care & have a great day...

by travis41 - 5/27/12 6:04 AM
In Reply to: Hide-and-seek. by MrPasssword

Click Maintenence-click settings{top right} - select troubleshooting from menu - check Avast self-Defense Module,this should cure any Avast shut downs,Good luck & safe surfing;Travis