I think you got a lot of what I'm talking about

by cHaOsOfWar - 5/23/12 8:07 AM

In Reply to: It could be... by jeeves86

I think what is happening here is in a way a sort of lag switch but I'm not sure if it is intentional or accidental.

Perhaps I'm missing something about the way this works. But today don't the Hax sites provide a type of proxy server that interfaces between the Game Server and the client of the user? These proxies run the scripts for the user that alter and process the game metrics for the user's client.

Most also now offer a "package" that include Aimbots, Wallhacks and speedhacks. All of these alter the game metrics for the hax site user. In that there are several different sites that offer these services is it possible that a combination of issues could cause a "feel" of lag for user clients that are not running through these proxies?

Also this intervention of the proxies between the server and the client act like a lag switch. Most servers kick players with a high ping because their latency causes other players to lag. I think this is because the server metrics use a type of lock step processing.

I think this could this cause the game metrics being provided to non-hack using clients to be delayed giving the "feel" of lag. Even though "their" client ping remains consistent and is not the cause of the lag.

This could be because the "proxy" the hacker uses is most likely a high speed state of the art computer and processes the ping requests sent by the server. The client the "proxy" is serving may be a much slower machine and perhaps even a very great distance away from the proxy not to mention the server itself.

The lock step processing the server does then slows down the processing of the metrics for all the people on the server to keep in time with the slowest client on the server. Normally the ping would show the lag this client produces but because of the intervention of the "proxy" it goes "unnoticed" and un-kicked by the server, acting much like a lag switch.

Well that is my theory and I am looking for some professional input on the idea and perhaps some additional documentation to act as a referral or reference. What is your take on the concept?