No backup!

by nilocp - 5/20/12 6:31 AM

In Reply to: I'm not sure where we go from here by MarkFlax Moderator

Hi Mark, I have no backup for the data files, that is the problem. This machine is a laptop I have been using temporarily for about 3 months, and I was going to copy everything back to my desktop when I had finished using it. Unfortunately that was not done!

The locked files all have locked in front of them for example locked-dvla2.doc.cbwr. If I try to open it with Word it just comes up with gibberish.
When I copy and rename it dvla2.doc and open it, I get the message 'Word cannot start the convertor mswrd632' . And I still get gibberish, but different gibberish!!

I have copied my other word documents across from the desktop to the laptop, and they work OK.

I have also copied over my Internet Explorer favorites and they work OK, just not up to date!

If I have lost the data, then that is a total pain in the butt, but I wqould like to recover my emails which are not affected.

I am using Firefox, and do not know where the folders are stored!

The linked article on Ransomware was interesting reading!