Is this False Positive with New Canon File Viewer

by njunear - 5/19/12 7:18 PM

In Reply to: Answer from virlab by Ondrej_AVG

After 7-1/2 years using the Canon File Viewer Utility that came as part of the software included with my Canon digital camera, AVG has determined one of the core files was a virus and shut the program using that core file down.

So, I decided to download the latest version of the Canon software drivers. And AVG has now decided that one of the drivers in that program has the virus Win32/DH{ZAc}. I cannot find any information about this virus except from untrusted sources.

The affected program is A0011868.dll. The previous file was cdsdk2ap.dll

I have temporarily overcome the situation by choosing to ignore the file in the Residential Scan area, but need to know if there is a proper fix for this.

Even the original file on the software CD shows as positive.

I have done an online scan and it showed no virus activity on my computer.

I did a Google search, but most answers want you to download a 'fix' for the problem and I'm not about to do that, as none of the sites are familiar to me. I searched for information on the A0011868.dll and found no source of information I trusted (CNET returned "We're sorry, we couldn't find any search results for 'A0011868.dll'." Microsoft's website returned the same result.

I just installed the program from a Canon site direct download, so I'm a little concerned about which site to trust. Does AVG have the correct information about the file or is Canon passing on virus infested files?

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 with AVG Free 2012.0.2176 with virus database 2425/5010, Link Scanner Version 1037, and AVG Security Toolbar version: