Worst Performance AND Worst Customer Satisfaction I've Had

I pay for 7mb down, and average between 0.3 and 0.5. One time I saw it get all the way up to 1.00 flat. Forget gaming and the like, I can't reliably stream low res video. Thinking about calling customer service? I recommend instead spending 30-45 minutes drinking an entire bottle of whiskey then finding a stranger to talk to in the street. This will approximately duplicate the experience of sitting around for the better part of an hour and then chatting with some one you could swear isn't speaking english. After you're asked to reset your modem/router, you'll find that there is no change in your connection speed, so you'll be asked to wait while the rep "does something" on his end. Hold for 5 more minutes, then reset your modem/router again. When this 60-90 minute song and dance is all finished and you still find yourself with way less than 10% of what you're paying for, you'll be told that you're in a "high-service area" and speeds will be "slower at peak usage times." This will be the end of the phone call. Their script pretty obviously dictates to say these things when they have nothing else to offer, and then you'll actually get hung up on. If you keep pressing them that this doesn't help you and you don't know what to do from here, they'll repeatedly stammer about high-service areas and peak usage and really just hang up.

Don't get Clear.

If you won't heed that advice, at the very least don't buy any of their devices. I realize it's way more cost-effective to buy rather than to lease them, but that's how they can be sure you buy a piece of garbage and are stuck with it.