flickering black fades

by Stonesfan03 - 4/28/12 8:45 PM

In Reply to: Samsung PN60E8000 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

From the review

"I was also a bit annoyed to see that in fades to black, the screen of the E8000 turned off completely, a behavior typically associated with LCDs and not plasmas. It does so more quickly than the PN59D7000 -- fast enough that the black screen flashed off and on distractingly during the black fades at the beginning of "Watchmen," for example. Neither the Sharp Elite nor the other plasmas turned off when fed black screens."

This needs to be addressed by Samsung. I have the E550 and it's extremely annoying. It'll happen during just about any movie that has a fade in/out (i.e., 90% of movies out there). Hopefully this issue gains the traction that last year's brightness pops did and Samsung steps up to the plate with a firmware update.