Picture quality after these suggested settings

by chicocruz - 4/25/12 3:49 AM

In Reply to: Samsung PN60E8000 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

Hello out there,
I am a proud owner of a PN51E8000, I'm running the latest HD/DVR reciever from Directv which outputs a signal at 1080/24Hz and I have a 1.4 HDMI cable connecting them both in addition to the samsung E6500 3D Blueray that is also connected thru a 1.4 HDMI cable.

Now that I stated what my set up looks like, let me get to the reason I decided to take the time to reply to this post. Right after upgrading to this model I began looking into calibrating it, however, trying to avoid the $250 to $400 cost of professional calibrators coming out and doing the calibrations for me.
So, after researching calibration options I noticed that there were Blueray discs that helped you calibrate your tv and I also noticed out of all of the ones out there that, Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition [Blu-ray], had some of the most favorable reviews. So I went ahead and purchased it for $25 on amazon. played it thru my Blueray as it said I should and found it to be limited. there's pleanty of calibration patterns for you but besides mentioning to use the color and brightness features to do the adjustments they really do tell you what else to adjust to get the desired calibrations. Definitely not impressed.

I felt that the disc was limited to certain adjustments, and that was a shame since one of the great features of this samsung model is its thorough array of possible adjustments from the basic picture settings menu, to advanced settings, and to the picture options.

Now, I tried the disc as I mentioned as well as some calibration settings from other sites and still felt that they had not given my tv its full potential. Furthermore, I thought my best bet was just forking over the $200 to $300 to get it professionally calibrated. Until, I came across this post.

The calibration settings in this post engaged the picture adjustment capabilities of my TV way more than the Disc and the other sites ever did. And, like they say the proof is in the pudding, the picture quality of my set is now amazing compared to the default settings and other settings I had tried. Now, I know why most experts consider this samsung model as one of the best picture quality sets in the market. The color is now very rich and deep, the black levels are great and the detail to the image is crazy amoung other things.

Finally, to argue the other side of this discussion, I would say that the Spear & Munsil Disc can not be made specific to every set and it may work well for other tvs or with a more seasoned pro to the calibration of tvs. But for someone that is somewhat new to this concept but that has done some research, I think I should have saved my $25 and just gone with this calibration settings.

Thank you so much!!!