Maybe in the short run

I won't be a better driver with the device in my car, mainly because I normally follow the law, rarely speed, stop at stop signs etc. etc. I think the majority of people will be better drivers for a while, but as they forget the device is in the car they will fall back on the bad habits that they use now. Law enforcement has not stopped bad driving, and the increase in traffic accidents does not dissuade the majority from following bad driving practices.

I see it in parking lots all the time, even though they are "one way" lanes, people pull up or down them any way they want, and even when someone is driving the wrong way down a lane, they force people trying to follow the rules to get out of their way.

No black box, no law enforcement, will change people's behavior in the long run. So unless the black box is used for the bad things we don't want it used for it will not achieve the goal of correcting bad driving.