Do you like the idea of having a black box in your car and

Like all technology the black box in the car is aimed at driving safely. Speed cameras were originally developed to speed traffic up but they were turned into money making machines aimed at punishing car drivers. Yes, we will have someidiots saying if you drive carefully you need not fear anything. Not so! This will not save one life. It will not stop joy riders. It will not stop Drunks driving. It will not stop drivers on drugs. It will not stop foreign drivers with a wreckles diregard to road safety. It will not stop contraflows on our safets roads. Be afraid! Be very afraid! They want to control you!

Were is the consultation on this with the public or has it been introduced by dictat? Wake up people you are sleepwalking into a future nightmare.

As Einstein once said many years ago; "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity"