a total scam

I just received my order of Nikon d100 with 18-105mm Nikon lens. The camera came in a white box containing a brown box and the camera rattling around inside packed in a plastic bag. The white box had a label on the outside "Nikon D5100 Body" and nothing else. The serial # indicates a Gray Market body even though the salesman made a big point of avoiding gray market stuff. The lens came in a white box and was packed with only a plastic bag, and the lens hood and pouch were crammed into the box so that the box would not even close. The lens # does say US so I assume it is not gray market. But - I paid for new merchandise and from the wrappings I obviously did not get new merchandise. Furthermore there is no warranty card or anything I have seen that even hints at such a thing. I had previously tried to cancel this order and was told on April 6 that the order had already shipped (this was the next morning) and therefore couldn't cancel the order. Then I got an email on April 16 stating that they had just shipped the order. When it came today it even came from a different company "The Camera Shop" in Brooklyn, NY. I will not entertain you in relating how they said the lens had a steel mount (New Nikon lens) and how the technology would extend it out to 266mm. Yes I was dumb, but now angry enough not to let this drop. Howard Carlson