I ran this promo....

Hi there,

As a Partner Manager of the Download.com developer community, I often seek out and try to bring our CNET members some of the best deals out there on software, so all the promotions that I run will be legit, and direct to you all by our developers. As for this particular promotion with Magix PC Check & Tuning 2012, I worked closely with the developers at Magix to bring you this exclusive offer, so I'm surprised to see that you had trouble with the downloads.

Just so we can figure out the issue here, where did you get the download link? Did you try to download it from the confirmation email you received or did you search for it on Download.com? In parallel, I'm also looking into this specific download and the IE9 issue - so I'll report back to you all when I have some updates.

As always, if you have any other feedback - maybe a promo on a software you'd love to see or anything you'd like to share, do let me know. To add-onto what our moderator, Mark said, we (CNET) do not sell software, but are always trying to bring you special offers and value - just for being a CNET member.

Hope this is helpful and again, sorry for all the trouble here!