Re: difference

by dlmax63 - 4/22/12 8:44 PM

In Reply to: 8000 vs 7000? by TacticalChunder

Not having the 8000 in my home, I feel that I can't give an honest comparison between the 8 & 7000. I have seen them side by side in BB and the differences between them appeared to be cosmetic (i.e. color of the bezel). The specs do give the 8000 a higher clear motion rate but I couldn't tell the difference. The obvious difference is the lack of motion/voice control, IR blaster and touch remote. I chose the 7000 because I didn't want the motion/voice. I've played around with it every day on an ES8000 for a few weeks and I find it slow and inaccurate. A little too early in the development cycle for my taste. I will say that when it works, speaking a url in the browser can be useful. That said, I bought a sub-$30 logitec keyboard mouse, plugged it into my 7000 and was up and running instantly... much preferred to the touch remote IMHO.