Rd: magix

by Kees_B Moderator - 4/22/12 12:41 PM

In Reply to: It is Magix PC Check & Tuning 2012. by farr10-20

- I read 2 negative reviews in http://download.cnet.com/Magix-PC-Check-Tuning-2012/3000-18512_4-10969795.html#rateit
- We (that's all mods together) never believe the claims of registry cleaners and such and actively discourage people to buy and use them. But not everybody ask us sad .

What you can do if you still want to download it: in Internet Explorer: Tools>Options>Advanced, then turn off the SmartScreen filter. Then you should be able to download it. And possibly run it, unless your other security software thinks it malicious also. But I don't think so.

Before you run it, be sure you make a system restore point, so you can go back if it cleans or optimizes too much and you get problems.