Got it done!

by ClissaT - 4/21/12 7:14 AM

In Reply to: Re: uninstall by Kees_B Moderator

Finally got the installation done. Such a lot of mucking around & a whole day wasted!

Kees I did try a different browser but no joy.

It turned out to be the AVG Accelerator & I had to go to the forum on the AVG website to discover where to find it on my dashboard to disable it.

I then discovered 3 installers in My Documents! One for each attempt at installation during today. No idea how they ended up there & definately not where I intended them to go.

HOWEVER I again landed BABYLON!!! It piggy backed in on the Augart toolbar which I clicked NO to but got itself installed anyway.

I will have to tell CNet about this as most people consider Babylon to be a virus or malware. So I have to change the registry again to disable it as there is no way to rid the system of this malware.

If you too are having trouble getting rid of babylon, go here to find a cure:-