I cannot agree more with you hp sucks and there case manager

by fabu17 - 4/18/12 6:59 AM

In Reply to: Hp tech support really sucks! by guugles

I have going through hell with my laptop issue. Hp was suppose to replace my laptop with a new one but they didnt. they have been sending refurbished computer with the same damn problem and claiming its new. can you believe that I have receive 3 different laptops as a problem and each of them as same exact issue. (distorted screen). and now they dont want to do anything any more. they said they can only give me half of my money or send the computer out for repair. Come on Hp, who say that to a customer, that you send your so call brand new computer for repiar and why will you tell a customer to get half of hismoney back with no computer. is that a gain or a loss. Hp doesnt treat customer right at all. i was advised not to buy hp from the onset and now I can see the reason. HP SUCKS AND THERE MANAGERS AS NO CLUE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING OR HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS