Browser Configuration?

by kosai19 - 4/17/12 4:37 PM

In Reply to: network login problems from smartphone by hvfd13


I work for a telecom comp. supporting smartphones and I've come across this type of issue many times. It's harder to pinpoint since the reason changes why it happens but generally there are two main ones:

1. Browser type: Most websites will change the way they display pages depending on what browser is used to view the page. In order for the site to know it gets the browser title from your computer/device. It sounds like your website login doesn't support being used by mobile devices, so it may not have an entry for them. iPhones use the safari browser, which is on the Mac (a supported browser). So that may account for it. Also, the iPhone in general handles web pages more like a computer so it can typically view pages other devices can't. Solution: For the Blackberry try changing the "browser type" option. It lets you modify this since there are comptability issues like this for pages that don't work with mobile devices. Change it to internet explorer and it will tell you if it has to do with browser type.

2. The website is using an unsupported feature: This is most likely the cause as the iPhone connects to pages more like a computer would than other smartphones. Java and Javascript for instance has limited supported on most mobile devices. They also lack many other features, like flash. So it depends on what Blackberry device you have and what software it has been updated with, since over the years the supported pages have grown with each update. If changing the browser type doesn't resolve it on the Blackberry it is likely because it's using some scripting language on the website that the device's browser doesn't support. One possible solution is to download another browser on the blackberry (using Blackberry App World). I have heard of this fixing this type of issue.

Hope that helps.