how do i clean an lcd monitor screen

by StoreDailyMart - 4/10/12 3:28 AM

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Here are some useful tips and guidelines for cleaning your laptop screens:

1. Closely examine the condition of your laptop screen at regular time intervals. Pay attention to any stains or areas to be cleaned.
2. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean any natural dust and gently brush off any dirt particles.
3. Many people clean their laptop screens with a 50-50 solution of distilled water/isopropyl alcohol; by using an old cotton cloth such or handkerchief. You are recommended to use proper cleaning solutions and cloths to clean your laptop screens. As the laptop screen is a very costly component of your laptop, hence you should use proper cleaning kits such as Klear or iKlear clean your laptop screen and keep it in a clear and pristine condition.
4. Don't spray any cleaning solutions directly on your laptop screen. It's better to spray it into the cleaning cloth.
5. While cleaning your laptop screen, wipe it quite gently in a circular motion. Don't press hard on the cloth and let the cleaning solution do its job.
6. Don't touch your laptop screen with your fingers since it can cause oily prints and smear on the display.
7. Don't leave the cleaning solution on your laptop screen. Remove all the excessive moisture as it can damage the display.
8. Let your laptop screen dry complexly before you turn your laptop on.
9. For cleaning stains or ink marks, you can use all the aforesaid tips several times. Keep in mind; you can also buy special cleaning solutions for heavy ink marks and stains.
10. While purchasing any laptop screen cleaning product, make sure to buy the one that has an anti-static element in it. This will help to restrict the dust particles and lint on your laptop screen.
11. If you are using your laptop in a dusty place, you are suggested to purchase a protective covering. It's better to buy it directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the cover fits your laptop screen perfectly.