Hp tech support really sucks!

by guugles - 3/31/12 11:59 PM

In Reply to: Hp tech support sucks and the case managers by 4-jets

I have a HP Pavilion Elite 110f. It's less than 2 years old and today my hard drive crashed. So I call Hp tech support to be stuck with some guy from India that I couldn't understand (believe me I was trying!) He kept telling me I had to pay $129.00 to talk to someone because the warranty period was up. I said I know what is wrong with my computer and want to order and new hard drive with op system on it. So he tells me it would be 89.00 for a refurbished hard drive and 220.00 for the op system! I'm not paying for an op system I already paid for. after trying to explain to this guy for 45 minutes he would not let me speak to someone else even when I told him i couldn't understand him. He told me, "call back again and maybe you can get someone you can understand better!!! Can you believe it! So I call back again and get another Indian call person but one that I could understand and was actually pretty helpful. So after an hour on the phone talk to the supervisor and then some guy who worked in the hard drive dept. and told me I didn't have to purchase a hard drive from HP and he would send me the op system. So basically all is well until I get a call 10 minutes later from some woman from the HP call center in India being extremely rude and telling me I MUST order the hard drive from them or the op system won't work if I buy one on my own. She then tried to explain why but couldn't understand her and she was yelling at me! I told her I would take my chances and see what happens with buying the hard drive on my own and said to me in a cocky voice, " ya that's fine, it's not going to work!" I said listen, i have been extremely nice and you have been extremely rude calling me and yelling at me, you need to check your attitude lady! Needless to say I have never experienced crappier customer service in my life!!!!