This is mysterious

by mchainmchain - 3/31/12 12:53 AM

In Reply to: I emptied.... by ambassadorhawg

Without the detail of the message displayed, guessing is the result.

"emptied my inbox, sent box, and trash. I'm thinking that a recently
recieved email had some content that required Flash Player in order to
be viewed??? The message/pop up is gone ...BUT...while surfing the
interenet this evening, I opened a webpage and the same message appeared
as though I needed Flash Player in order to view/play content on the

It is possible you opened a malware infected attachment in that email that is now using your browser to display this message, whatever it is, when you were getting your webmail. If so, I would visit other free reputable virus scanner sites such as to make sure that there is indeed/or not malware on your system. If you can find the file responsible for this behavior, you can scan it for free with 40 + virus scanners here:

Tell us more.