The best advice you'll ever receive! And the cheapest too!

Here's my advice: odds are you have an "digital/optical out" on the back of your television that is a small sqaurish shaped hole where an optical cable, normally used for connecting an external receiver or game console, plugs in. I'm betting you do. If so, why don't you forgo the suggestion of adding on a sound system/receiver, which will run you upwards of $200-3000! And won't be doing you much of any good except supplying you with a 3.5mm hole to plug your headphones into - while your high-priced 5-7 speaker system sits in a box, or collects dust on your end tables, making good paper weights & drawing enough electricity per hour to kill a cat! And while your at it, I'd skip on drilling a hole into the back of your television too! I actually thought that answer was a joke at first. Wow. I won't even go there. But instead, why don't you fire up the computer and log onto and go here: (or many other places) and buy yourself a $4.12 optical to female 3.5mm adapter? Problem solved.

OH - BUT WAIT, it doesn't end there! Here's an even better and less expensive idea.. do you know what RCA plugs are? They are those red & white female plugs (sometimes there will be a yellow one too, but that's just your video feed) on the back of your set, which practically EVERY old & new television has? They are used for supplying audio from your television into whatever you're connecting it to, such as when connecting a DVD player or a VCR... Well anyhow, Amazon sells a RCA to 3.5mm plug for a buck! Yes! One dollar! Go to: Even Radio Shack sells this stuff! That's less than the cost of wire! Or a few butt connectors! Even less than your standard drill bit! And you won't even have to risk electrocution, nor void your warranty! And forget using up little Johny's college fund on a premium sound system. Nope, everything you need for less than 5 bucks! And no user input or hard work is required. So put away your drill and your checkbook & get online or go up to your closest electronics store. It's a sure deal no doubt!

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