Mitsubishi will help, March 2012

by r12470 - 3/30/12 8:19 AM

In Reply to: The Defective Mitsubishi DLP TV Owners Thread by kevindb85

My 2007 Mitsubishi DLP TV also failed for the "White Dots". Called the 1-800-332-2119 and spoke to them. Mitsubishi agreed to Contact a Local TV repair Shop to replace the Texas Instruments Made DLP Mirror Chip Device.
My Cost would be 200 Bucks, No, 1st Service Call was Needed to determine the defect.

Within a week the TV shop called me to Install the replacement Part. A few days later the TV tech, came and installed the new DLP device. Turns out the NEW factory Part was defective also, No white dots, But shadows in the upper left Corner of the Screen. I recalled Mitsubishi and they are sending a Second replace Part. Only been A couple of days, New Part not here yet. To their Credit, Mitsubishi has Called Me Twice to inform me they are working the Issue and I should get my repair completed within 7 working days. So Far I have Paid NOTHING to Anyone for the Repair. My 200 bucks is still in my pocket. I will update this thread, When the repair is completed.