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I apologize for the inconvenience here. If this is still an issue for you - although this may seem an obvious point - have you restarted your machine and re-scanned with TechTracker since downloading the latest version of the program?

If you have, but that did not resolve the issue, your best bet may be to perform a clean installation.

To do so, first, move all of the following items to the Trash (or at least all of those that you locate on your machine):

~/Library/Application Support/TechTracker/Installed Software
~/Library/Application Support/TechTracker/state
/Applications/CNET TechTracker/CNET TechTracker[.app/Contents/MacOS/CNET TechTracker]

Then, restart your machine and empty the Trash. That should ensure that all traces of TechTracker are gone from your computer.

Next, perform a hard refresh of your default browser, per the following steps:

1. Clear your default browser's cache and cookies.

2. Completely exit/close out of all running instances of that browser.

3. Re-open the browser and use whatever e-mail address you wish to use with TechTracker to log back in to

Finally, re-download TechTracker from this location:

Run another scan, and you should be all set.

If you encounter any further trouble, however, please feel free to submit a support ticket via the "E-mail Support" tab at this location:

CNET TechTracker Support