Not heard of that before

by MarkFlax Moderator - 3/28/12 10:46 AM

In Reply to: Compuserve email problem by DavidSCrichton

and it surprises me, that 'forwarded' or 'reply' emails need an image puzzle resolved.

I see you are using Outlook and I can see where this application would not be able to display such an image because it is a stand-alone application.

You gave an error message that ended with "Please Goto". Was there a link with that message? if so, what happens when you click that link?

I see other AOL members have had this problem and an example here;

It seems to be an effort, (misplaced perhaps), to control spam, but the suggestion there was to log in to AOL's web based email, click on the Feedback link, and fill in the details, so I'm wondering if your Compuserve account has the same.

If that fails I can only suggest that you move to your email account's web based alternative using your browser and manage your emails there until this is resolved.