Great pic, horrible delay

by kbulls55lg - 3/24/12 8:48 PM

In Reply to: LG 55LW6500......owners. by Studio-B

I've had this tv for a month now. I feel I've calibrated the setting for each of my inputs to really great clarity.
Each input retains its setting separately. 3D also looks great. No complaint.

The down side is this tv's delay, and lack of an audio output using that delayed synced audio.

If you're a gamer, I'd streer away from this TV. I am a modest gamer, but any game requiring quick reactions is not going to be enjoyable. There is approx a .5 sec delay. Driving games, shooter games, that's a NO GO.
And that IS in GAME MODE. Read something about labeling it as PC, but that does not resolve delay.
Or getting a RGB conversion cable for Xbox. Not worth it to me.

Same thing goes for the audio. Headphone OUT is the only output beside optical audio out that can be sent to your stereo. My older Pioneer surround receiver doesn';t have optical in, only optical out.
And if you use the second audio output from my cable box to the stereo, its .5 sec ahead of the TV's internal speakers.