Clear Cast X1 Price and Other Issues

by Matthew Ware - 3/23/12 9:42 PM

In Reply to: Clear-Cast antenae reviews by davhil

I am reviving this thread because a Clear-Cast X1 ad appeared in today's issue of USA Today. Brilliant Built Technologies appears to be positioning the Clear Cast X1 against the Mohu Leaf, another small thin antenna. Understand that you cannot expect exceptional results for VHF channels on a small antenna. Most OTA channels today are UHF. However, there are still a significant number of full-power Hi-VHF channels in use and even a small number of full-power Lo-VHF channels. There are many more low-power VHF channels. You need an antenna that is designed to receive your mix of channels at your location.

I will not come right out and say that the Clear Cast X1 is a rip-off. I am, however, concerned that its ads are somewhat misleading. I am even more concerned that the Brilliant Built Technologies website does not list a price for the antenna. As of this writing, a YouTube video on the site has been withdrawn by the owner. Elsewhere on the Internet, I have found prices for the CC X1 ranging from $17 to $38.

If you have a vice, a hammer, a pair of pliers, a 40-inch length of steel wire, and 30 minutes, then you can construct an excellent antenna as good as the Mohu Leaf. I have no knowledge that the CC X1 is not as good, but I am not willing to spend the asking price to find out.