Vehicle = 2004 GC limited 4.0L ECM/PCM Connector issue

Orig issue was a rough idle and when driving intermittent miss and hesitation.
engine light went on code pointed to open injector circuit Injector 6

When this started I changed the injector .... No real improvement
Then codes started pointing to many other sensors.

Jumped on the web did some research one mechanic (forget the site ) pointed to the Plug on the ECM/PCM module.
Suggested that be pulled cleaned and replugged.

Tried that worked like a charm no more codes all sensors were happy no more miss no more hesitation.
all went well for about 6 months then the miss and hesitation started again Codes pointing once again to Fuel Injector open circuit injector 6 again. took the electronic contact spray unplugged the center (white) plug and tried to clean and replug the plug. Once again all issues went away the car was running perfect again. This went on for a while while i tried to find a way to clean the contacts better in the plug on the end of the wire loom.

Recently I realized the Plug is a compound plug made up of 3 plastic parts. I noticed the center part (the white Piece) had a crack in it and allowed the Back rear part of the plug to un plug itself and cause a resistance connection.

At this point i am a step away from pulling the PCM out and soldering the clips from the plug to the pins on the PCM (almost).... I am looking to see if i can find a place to purchase a new plug to replace the old one and see if that stops the problem. I am trying to locate a supplier and find out what type of plug it is (its name )

will let you know what happens . Any one else getting close to solving the issue I would be happy to hear from