FPS and Shutter Speed

by PistonCupChampion - 3/19/12 10:26 AM

In Reply to: Thank you for explaining... by kielegocnet

The Sony certainly has a faster frame rate, but it is not without drawbacks. DPreview wrote, "The 'headline' 10fps shooting mode is useful in some situations, but ultimately we can't help feeling that it is something of a red herring. The A55 is an excellent camera but it is not the ideal tool for shooting fast action. The limitations of using the 10fps mode - (no live view updates, no aperture control if you want AF during the burst) limit its effectiveness, and although it is good for its class, the A55's 15-point AF system is not in the same league as higher-end cameras when it comes to predictive focusing." The A55's true speed (with full control like the 60D) is 6fps.

Having a 1/8000 shutter speed means that there is more control available without resorting to addition tools. For example, you might want a photo with a very shallow depth of field (a blurry background) on a very bright day. If you had a camera that only had a 1/4000 top shutter speed, you would need a neutral density filter on the lens.