Lost money in renewal scam

I agree that AVG is just in it for the money. While the people I communicated with were not rude, there was certainly no attempt to act honourably. They obviously don't care about their reputation. I purchased AVG 2 years ago. Apparently in their contract is an automatic renewal policy which I did not remember agreeing too. Apparently unbeknownst to me, they charged my credit card for the renewal. I didn't catch the charge until this month when I was catching up on my statement reconciliations. I did not want the renewal, I did not authorize the charge, and I was not aware of any option not to continue with AVG. I haven't used AVG for over a year since a nasty Trojan wrecked my computer. I communicated with someone with their on-line chat who directed me to call a rep. I did and spoke with the fellow for about 1/2 hour. He tried to tell me that I had passed the refund date of 30 days. But I didn't even know the clock was ticking because as far as I was concerned, I hadn't purchased anything. I never downloaded the license key so as far as I'm concerned, the package was not opened or used. I should be able to return it. The rep on the phone clearly led me to believe that I would get the refund under the circumstances and said he would forward the request to the refund dept. THen the refund dept emails me declining my refund. So I emailed them the gist of my conversation with the rep and then another rep emails me back to confirm the denial. The credit card company can't help because their policy is stated for automatic renewal. So I'm out the money. Be warned--NEVER agree to automatic renewal. Who knows what your situation will be like two or three years down the road. You snooze--you lose! AVG doesn't care about the circumstances. They are going to rely on their 30 day policy and forget integrity and customer service. In case they are interested, as I noticed they follow this thread, here is my case number: Case AVG#0005201311: [ ref:00D4000000086fU.5004000000J2Cz5:ref ] RE: Refund. It is very disappointing in this day and age of brutal competition and economic hardship that a company like this would abandon customers. Learn from my mistake folks!

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