Use iTunes to learn Programming

by JessGless - 3/15/12 6:45 PM

In Reply to: I want to learn how to develop Mac apps. by Alegoo92


Open iTunes and near the top right is a TAB titled "iTunes U". Click that and the find in the upper right teh "University and Colleges" LINK and click that.

This will open a large list of Universities and Colleges who have FREE learning modules that you can view on-line. You may be able to search for exactly the language you want to learn, I don't know for sure.

But, here's a starter. Go down to the "R" section and Select the Rock Valley College. There is a course on that list that is titled - I think - Beginning Visual Basic - Course No. 180. Sit back, listen, and then go hack away!!

You MAY even find some basic learning modules for X-Code apps, etc.