by Ondrej_AVG - 3/13/12 4:04 AM

In Reply to: Thanks Ondrej by CWAFC

Hello CWAFC,

My analysis of provided information did not show any remained files (binaries) of MyStart Incredibar, which could be running and injects browsers.

Please check additional settings in used Internet Explorer, which were probably not reset globally:

Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options
- check there is set up correct homepage (nothing related with MyStart)
- go to Programs tab
- go to Manage Add-ons
- go to Search Providers
- make sure your chosen search engine is used a default and the one from MyStart is removed (deactivated)

Then also check instructions in this AVG Forums thread.

What is the current situation?

In case of any persisting MyStart hijacks, please provide us with screenshots of mentioned situation and more detailed description.

Thank you