4 cyl jeeps are better scrapped

by b3sT_iN_th3_W0rLd - 3/12/12 1:49 PM

In Reply to: My advice by batvette

OK let me start off this reply by saying i have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0liter and i have not one of these issues. just shy of 190k miles. You get what you put into them. I had a stalling issue, i did a full tune up, distrubitor , cap, wires and 4 fire point bosch plugs. no issues at all since. dont take this the wrong way but at a mechanic the cheapest fix isnt always best. you get what you pay for and most of the time they want you to come back. a obd2 scanner starts at around 75$ depending on your area, invest in one. jeeps always make noises if you want a quiet ride buy a honda. happy Also the 4cylinder jeep gc was only a export model.(2.5l diesel im guessing ) if your in america get rid of it, its a pos. they only made them from 96-98 for a reason. quite frankly i dont even know how you found one that wasnt a right hand drive unless it was a engine swap. which means your crusing around in a very underpowered GC. the 4.0 straight six was the best engine jeep ever made. if you wanna jeep id recomend offing your 4.7s and 5.9s for one. if you want added power you can always build the 4.0I6 into a straight 6 4.9l stroker and at nearly 350hp it will demolish any of those shitbox jeep made v8s.