Tried to connect to my bluetooth stereo

by fredp99 - 3/9/12 7:07 PM

In Reply to: Try both out by BMcPeek


I am experiencing issues with my playbook and was going through a few blogs when I fell on your post. Wonder if my problems are related to a bluetooth connection.

Everything was fine with my device until I lost my bridge to my phone (9800 torch) some time at the end of last week or last weekend. I do not know what happened but I tried succesfully to connect the playbook to my bluetooth stereo last weekend. I thought then it was working very well (connection was perfect with the stereo).

However, trying to fix my bridge problem, I tried to sync with my desktop software on my computer. That was not connected neither! Prompted by the windows (it kept telling me it was not connecting), I reloaded the software. Very bas idea as I formatted my tablet! Lost everything on it (my files) and need to reconfigure everything. Not the end of the world but nevertheless very frustrating.

And after calling twice tech support, I still cant connect to my phone through the bridge.

I wonder if I could have created problems adding a second bluetooth device to the tablet. Seems odd but I dont understand what happened.

I also experienced browsing and apps problems last week, when they closing off on me abruptly.

Any ideas of what the cause may be?

I still need to figure out how to reconnect my bridge.